The Occult Keys to Tarot
Online Course:

What the course entails
  • Learn how Tarot will help define your life purpose and guide you on the path to your higher self.
  • Gain an understanding of the natural cycles of nature and life and learn how to utilise universal powers in your decision making process.
  • Gain an understanding of the language of symbolism that can be applied in every aspect of your life for direction and guidance.
  • Learn the exact and detailed steps to true manifestation that modern approaches lack from condensing the sacred wisdom.
  • Learn deeply the symbolic language and its synergy to you as the individual.
  • Gain the understanding of how to use symbols to unlock levels to your consciousness.
  • Learn ancient, sacred and complex wisdom, simply, to rise above the hurdles of day to day life through the deeper understanding.
  • Learn to overcome decision paralysis by knowing exactly where you are in your current life cycle and with certainty where to go next.
  • Gain source wisdom of the Tarot previously known only to the Adepts of The Mystery Schools, allowing infinte uses to daily life far beyond just divination.

Live weekly classes but also recordings available through the platform afterwards. There will be a community space  where guest members can access the content and form discussions and learn through interaction with like minded souls.

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Vision & Mission

I have been navigating my own personal journey from a very early age, with part of that path leading me into many harsh and unforgiving places, facing extreme challenges and tests. Having battled drug and alcohol addiction which led to time served in prison, a core program of abandonment, an overwhelming depression since a very young age and the crushing hold of anxiety for many years, I have reached a place of acceptance, direction, confidence and power in who I am and in my gift of sharing this path in the guidance to others. The realisation of the struggles faced were paramount to my understanding of the workings of my own mind and the minds of humanity as a collective. This has helped shape my gift, to be able to share this wisdom in a simplistic and relative manner to guide others to their own path.

Working with plant medicines and the teachings of shamanic practices, I have initiated into yet another school that drives direction in that same goal I have walked toward all my life. Here, I can apply that same wisdom from the global ancient teachings and philosophies, as they perfectly align within this realm in yet another cultural means to the true path of discovery, harmony and the means to release from that mortal prison of suffering. 

Applying the ancient teachings, philosophies and methods to “Know Thyself”, deciphering the messages of the subconscious mind in all its truth via its beautiful communicative symbolism and patterns have been the keys to navigating my path out of that darkness.
Utilising the power of the word, crafted to simple understanding of the daily struggles via the workings of the mind-to-body reaction, I have navigated some of humanity’s greatest gifts, our mysteries, that of our true existence and immense connection to The Divine Source. My direction is to guide others back to their own true selves so that they too can walk their own path.  

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