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The subconscious feeds a constant path of truth in direction, one of healing and improvement. I will help you understand and decipher these messages and guide you in the process forward.


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Our subconscious is our very own individual system from the larger universal construct. If you imagine the universe as a beautifully designed mathematical program that recalibrates by every decision, action and choice made by us the individual through a resonant energetic vibration..then you can begin to imagine that everything that happens is part of a greater construct that guides, nudges, teaches and offers opportunities for us to progress in this journey of life.

This entire process is tuned into a subtle, untainted and directly informative receiver and responder known as our subconscious. Imagine a super consciousness that sends one constant signal that directs us, it’s picked up by our individual subconscious and feeds this signal into our conscious reality. This initial signal is pure and directs us in one true direction, which is to our highest or truest self, the best version of ourselves. The problem is that when the subconscious receives this signal and converts it into our conscious reality, we have become too detached, distracted, removed and layered to be able to decipher it for what it is and the guidance it shows us.

The language the subconscious speaks to us in, is the most ancient and truest language we have always had, the language of symbolism.

Having experienced the language of symbolism throughout my life and I emphasise the word experienced, as it is not a language that can be learned in the traditional sense, but only truly experienced within from a resonance of the heart; I have become fluent in its subtle flamboyance, evolutionary whisper and its screaming silence. It’s the true and universal language of symbols that speaks to humanity as a whole and not to race, creed or any divided sect, but to our entire evolutionary species from the point of creation to the present time and to where we will go onwards as a species.


In this whisper lies the direction of the soul. Once we can look at it, learn to listen to it and begin to decipher it, we then have the map to our own path to all that we truly search for in this journey of life; freedom, purpose, direction, healing, joy, truth and so much more.

In the subconscious guidance sessions, we look at what has been going on in your life, where you feel stuck, what negative patterns/situations are repeating. We delve in, to find the roots of the issues using patterns and other subconscious tells and then apply methods to approach and deal with the root causes of these negative influences.
These sessions will also include guidance for becoming aware of your own subconscious messaging and preparing you with new ways, means, methods and habits for approaching life in order to move forward freely.

1 hour 15 minute session – 90euro 

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