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Guiding others to heal, using various methods to decipher their own individual subconscious direction, through the language of symbolism

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My story begins in childhood and what I can now identify as my initiation into The Mysteries, and which has been an initiation period of 40 years via a natural and self-guided learning process.


Often times we find ourselves lost in this journey of life, repeating the same patterns and just caught in a mundane cycle of repetitive strife. These one to one sessions tap into your own inner guidance mechanism to find the direction you can take to break free from the shackles that prevent your forward momentum and give you the tools to find your own way when faced with life’s challenges. 

Bringing lifetimes of learning and experience through my own initiation and remembrance in the sacred texts and teachings of The Mysteries. I gift a bridge from the ancient to the modern, in a simplistic understanding through the intricate and intuitive resonance held in the universal language of symbolism. 

Life runs in cycles and so is predictable to the point that we all face times of uncertainty and unclarity at different stages throughout this journey of life. In Journeying I have created a sacred space where we can journey within ourselves to our own Shamanic realms to gain the truth in direction and clarity needed to progress. 

When we feel out of balance, sick, distracted, unclear, disconnected and lethargic, it is hard to see a way forward or even to find a solid base to start from. Kambo is an Amazonian and natural medicine that triggers a complete self healing process of the body, working to clear our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, bringing us back into alignment. 

Through retreat setting I offer various methods of self healing. Taking a journey through the realms of the ancients, gaining the insights, wisdom, perspectives and clarity required for you to implement real change and align perfectly in tune with nature in the process of death and rebirth. 

We have all lost people in our lives from family members, partners, loves, children and friendships but we have also lost parts of ourselves that we don’t even realise to be attached to grief. This leads to an immense amount of unreleased emotions being carried within us and creates a multi-layered emotional blockage. We have created a beautiful space for navigating grief and bringing a deep understanding and means to release this grief that holds us back in the freedom and momentum of our lives. 


upcoming events

Peter Kelly

You’re here and that’s the first step, reach out and I will guide you to the next one

upcoming events

Glaineacht Medicine Retreat March 10-12

Shamanic Journey Retreat Mar 30-April 2

Mystic Sharing/Integration Circle April 3

Breathwork & Rapé Workshop April 13

Introduction to Hermeticism April 15

Glaineacht Medicine Retreat April 28-30

Mystic Sharing/Integration Circle May 1

The Mysteries Journey May 13

Introduction to Hermeticism May 14

Peter Kelly

You’re here and that’s the first step, reach out and I will guide you to the next one
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