The Saturated Breath


“The Saturated Breath” is the follow up to my first piece, “The Phoenix Birth”, and which charters the next part of the journey. Unveiling through deep esoteric and symbolic activations, it takes the reader through subconscious unveilings of their own truth, in the conscious guidance in this path of Alchemy, achieving the union and embodiment of THE ALL.
Following the same approach as “The Phoenix Birth”, it layers deeply through symbolism and subconscious activation, as it carries the reader through their own interpretation as the pieces speak personally to them. This book follows the first which was approached through the Element of Fire, by delving deeper into the subconscious, deeper layers in the journey, this time via the Element of Water, cleansing deeper layers and accessing deeper levels of awareness and consciousness.

“The Saturated Breath” unveils an awareness of absolute union with the greater consciousness, and to which it will breathe seamlessly through the inner Divinity of your Soul, recognising the shared Spirit on this individual journey, that unquestionably highlights the collective shared consciousness it unveils.

These poetry books encapsulate a whole aspect of ceremonial magick, with the intention carried throughout the presentation of each book. Through the publishing process, every detail carries the intentional energy of the book, invoking via the colour, font, symbols, illustrations, spacing, page numbers and more, all delivering the energetic empowerment of the piece as a whole. These books are my art, the baring of my Soul, told in verse utilising the power of the word and in the setting of a guide for us all as we embark this phenomenal journey back to Self.

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