The Phoenix Birth


My first poetry book “The Phoenix Birth” is a compilation of 24 poems that outline my journey from a very introspective and intuitive analysis of myself, my journey, my challenges and my achievements in this path of life and the holds we face internally. It captures the deep resonance of the valuable lessons as a subconscious blueprint to those that traverse this path.
Written in symbolic and esoteric ways, the words have a means to trigger the reader’s subconscious so that they identify within the words relative to where they currently are within their own journey. Each piece will resonate to where it is pertinent to you.
This book is completely my own design and layout, compiled with every detail meticulously chosen to convey symbolism and style in how I relate my art both aesthetically and in the beauty and deliverance of the word. Each piece is accompanied by a stunning, customised illustration directed in specific detail by me to my illustrator Vincentas Saladis, to convey in image some core concept within the word.

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