Rapé is a sacred medicine derived from the “Grandfather” plant Mapacho, a sacred and natural tobacco used by the indigenous tribes of South America for thousands of years. It is a fine powder that is made ceremoniously by the indiginous and is administered by blowing into the nostril by the use of a “kuripe” (for self administration) or a “tepe” (administered by another).

The medicine is made in ceremony by the tribes, and the Mapacho is pounded and ground with the ashes of various other sacred “master” plants to utilise differing effects and uses in the medicine’s connection.

Sometimes referred to as “Amazonian Snuff”, rapé is a beautiful and grounding medicine that helps us to focus our mind, realign to our centre and restore peace within. It helps to re-align and open our chakras, release blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It helps to release negative thoughts and elevates our connection to our higher selves. Rapé is used in many types of ceremony for enhancing the connection to the desired intention, opening us to the space and in gaining clarity within.

As with all sacred medicine, respect in the use of rapé must always be held, honouring the medicine and the space in which it is used.

I stock various types of rapé, sourced directly from the indiginous in Brazil. Each tin contains 12 grams each type has its own individual qualities based on the plants used.

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5 Types of Rapé

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